While We Wait: So I went to the greenhouse and it was too stressful

I don’t go into shared spaces (like stores) much at all anymore, and I wrote previously that I wasn’t going to go to the greenhouse this summer. However, I ended up going back on that statement last week to make sure I could get the tomatoes I specifically wanted for my garden, as I was having trouble trying to organize a curbside order over email with the greenhouse in question.

I went on a Friday morning shortly after opening to ensure there weren’t too many people around, and brought a list so I could do a quick in-and-out. However, this plan unraveled pretty quickly when some of the items on my list were not available. Trying to figure out how to substitute them while also trying to minimize my time in the greenhouse, follow the directional arrows, and stay away from other people was FAR more stressful than I ever expected it to be.

To their credit the greenhouse itself had done an impeccable job implementing the required safety initiatives. I want to stress that I did not feel unsafe – just highly anxious. I ended up buying too many tomatoes, abandoned the rest of my list, and high-tailed it out of there. I do not plan to do this again. As expected, it was not an enjoyable experience in the least.

This does make me sad – one of my favourite simple summer joys in years past had been spending lazy afternoons browsing garden centres. But, it’s just another thing to add to the list of activities that I can’t get enjoyment out of anymore. Relatively speaking, it is not that big a deal. Casually browsing at the greenhouse will be that much sweeter in a year or two when I can do it again, and until then, I still have my garden.

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