While We Wait: STILL???

It’s 25 degrees outside but I’m still! not putting my plants in the ground. The lil fellas I started from seed are still! SO LITTLE that I am a tad paranoid about putting them in the ground yet. I am aiming for a June 1 plant date for them unless the forecast drastically changes.

Last night there was still! a risk of frost, though it ended up only going down to 8. I am pretty confident now that it won’t freeze anymore, but last year I got burned big time by a hot May and a cold June, and it’s best if you can protect your plants from wild overnight temperature swings as long as you can. And one forecast is still! predicting overnight temperatures under 5C later this week! So even though I’m getting very tired of carrying the plants in and out every day, and they seem to be pretty well-hardened by now, I’m giving it one more week.

(Still sooo little. The “big” ones are actually peppers, and at least one of these has since gone on to a better place)

In the meantime, I did a bit of planning today – I put cages into the tomato bed to stake out where the plants are going to go. I can usually fit in about 15 plants spaced about 2 feet apart. Best practice would be to space them a bit wider, but this setup works for me. Below is a terrible picture of it – tomato cages are not especially photogenic! However it scratched a bit of the itch I had to DO something while I (still!) wait.

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