Windy City

How have your tomatoes been faring in these ridiculous winds lately? I know that spring in Saskatchewan is always windy and MAYBE this is normal, but it sure feels like it’s been windier than usual!

I’ve had several people tell me that they’re so glad they planted their tomatoes as deep as possible, which has protected them from blowing over. It has surprised me to hear that not everyone, including some people who have been gardening for decades, were not aware of this technique – so I’m happy I was able to share it with a few people this summer.

The day after I wrote my last post, the winds were approaching 100 kph gusts. My largest Celebrity plant, which I was not able to bury all the way to the top due to its size, snapped over. I thought it was probably dead but it was hanging on by a thread and clearly still getting some nutrients, so I heaped up the soil around it a few inches higher and it’s still alive a week later. I assume it will send out roots from the top stem above the snap – crisis averted!

Now that we’ve had a good couple days of soaking rain, I expect things to start taking off. I always find that no matter how much I water my garden with the hose, it doesn’t really get going until the first big rain of the season. I had been gradually planting my tiny seedlings over a few days to make sure they were doing okay in the ground, and put the last couple in right before the rain started.

One other update from the last post – the red plastic covers have worked well and didn’t blow away in the wind, however I also put in several small plants without cover and they’ve been doing just fine on their own. Because I buried them deep, there were no exposed stems to blow around and snap. Once it stops being so windy though I still plan to put the red covers on all of my plants to try and speed up their growth, but it seems it was a bit of overkill as wind protection anyway. Better safe than sorry though!

I meant for this post to be about companion planting, but realized I had a bit more to talk about, so that will be the topic of my next post later this week.

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