A Check-in and a Mystery

Things are growing pretty fast now, though the weather has still not been ideal. I sound like a broken record when I say that the forecast at least appears favourable for the next while (though has it ever come true?), but the forecast does appear favourable for the next while.

My plants, even the very smallest, at least now all have buds. A few have fruit, and I hope to be eating a cherry tomato or two in a few weeks – this feels a bit insane to be saying in the middle of July, but this is Saskatchewan. Let’s all cross our fingers for a warm September!

A weird mystery is happening to one of my plants. I have two Juliettes that came out of the same four-pack from a greenhouse. I transplanted them (deeply) at the same time and they are pretty much right next to each other in the bed, and at the time there wasn’t a huge size difference between them. They have always received approximately the same amount of sunlight, water, and nutrients, yet one is a tiny stick and the other is full sized:

Tiny stick
Full sized

I can’t figure out what could be causing such a discrepancy. I notice that the bottom leaves on the tiny stick are a bit yellow, but I had an issue with yellow leaves on a lot of my plants for a while but I couldn’t troubleshoot the reason and eventually all the leaves just turned green again. Perhaps tiny stick will catch up in size in the next while, or maybe it’s just a runt.

I hope your plants are doing better than mine! I recently learned about wicking beds and how well tomatoes grow in them, and I want to do a post soon about them. I might even try to build a tiny one in a bucket as an experiment, though realistically it’s probably a project for next year.

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