Next Year’s Project: Wicking Beds!

My cedar raised beds are about 5 years old and they are starting to show their age. We’ve talked about replacing them, and are excited to have found a more sustainable solution!

I have been volunteering with the Saskatoon Horticultural Society’s Virtual Passport Garden Tour this summer, which started on Monday and runs until August 7. The featured gardens are all so amazing, I definitely encourage you to start following the tour if you are not already!

The June 28 video features an incredible fruit and vegetable garden in Saskatoon, which mainly relies on wicking beds for growing vegetables. Before attending the filming I had not heard of this method, but it is a highly efficient and effective type of raised bed/container gardening that directs water right to the roots of the plants, which helps them grow bigger faster and conserves water.

Below is the video from the tour, and under that I’ve also linked a video that shows how these particular beds were built! (You can also follow the tour on Facebook if that’s more your jam.)

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