The Brick Trick

aka, something else to try because it’s so late and your tomatoes are still green

A while ago I saw a tip on Twitter that I wish I’d done earlier, but better late than never. It said to put a large-ish rock near each of your tomato plants to absorb heat all day, which would help the plant stay warmer overnight. This is extremely brilliant and simple, and I forgot about it until my sister said that she was pretty sure her peppers were doing so well because they were in pots on her concrete patio.

I had a few decorative stone bricks left over from our front walkway, which today I put in the sunniest spots in my tomato bed. The heat wave appears to be over, so fingers crossed that the brick trick will provide the necessary extra heat my plants need to do their last bit of growing and start speed ripening soon!

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  1. This reminds me of a story form the other side of the growing season:
    My Dad told me that the first flowers in St John’s, NFLD were always dandelions that popped out in front of the gravestones in a south-facing churchyard. The stones soaked up heat from the sun and made a little microclimate so that spring would come earlier in that spot.


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