BT Sandwich

While we all know my tomatoes are not ripening as fast as I’d like, the recent pruning and plastic covering seems to be helping. I finally got to eat my first ripe Celebrity the other day, with a second on the way soon!

What honour did I bestow on this precious beauty? The conditions were perfect for one of my favourite summer treats, a bacon and tomato sandwich.

I like a BLT as much as the next gal, but when I’m using my own fresh tomatoes, I prefer the sandwich to be as uncluttered as possible. This is why I ditch the lettuce and the mayo and stick with four simple ingredients – tomato, bacon, butter, and bread (plus salt and pepper).

Salt and butter when one is already using bacon? Just trust me on this one.

To make this sandwich, slice the tomato to your desired thickness and generously salt and pepper it. This will not only enhance its flavour, but help drain out some excess moisture. Let it sit while you get everything else ready.

Cook the bacon. Ideally use thick cut bacon, and pour some water into the pan at the beginning to help render the fat and make it cook more evenly. Cook it crisp so it will break apart cleanly as you bite into the sandwich.

Toast two slices of bread, and butter them both. Yes, butter them. Tomatoes are healthy so you don’t need to worry about it.

Finally, put everything together and enjoy the literal fruits of your labour!

I know this is a terrible picture, but it tasted amazing

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