Tomato Cousin Jam

In my sunberry post, I mentioned that these prolific yet relatively unknown tomato cousins taste kind of like a salty red wine.

In my ground cherry post, I mentioned that these prolific and slightly more well-known tomato cousins taste kind of like an unknown tropical fruit.

In today’s post, we find out what happens when you mix these two cousins together to make jam!

I have a LOT of sunberries this year – more than ever before. The ground cherries are doing quite well also. I have eaten a bunch raw (as has my friend’s two year old), but they were still piling up. I decided to make a small jar of jam with the berries I’d picked so far – it was about 1.5 cups and made a perfect amount of jam.

And dare I say, mixing ground cherries in with sunberries somehow even makes already incredible jam even better? It absolutely tastes like tropical fruit, but with the winey complexity of the sunberries in there too. I highly recommend this if you’re growing both (or maybe plan to next year).

Here’s what I did; you can adjust the fruit ratio however works for you.

Tomato Cousin Jam

Yield – 1 half pint jar

1.5 cups mixed sunberries and ground cherries (I had a 2:1 SB:GC ratio)
1 cup white sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice

Bring all ingredients to a boil and cook until the jam reaches 220 degrees or passes the plate test. Pour into a sterilized jar and either store in the fridge, or can it with a water bath.

Note that this is not a jam that would go well with peanut butter (in my opinion), but is better enjoyed alone on toast or with a cheese board.

One other note – the texture of all of the tomato cousin jam I’ve made so far has been fairly sticky – it’s a little more syrupy/caramely than a typical “berry” jam. If this happens to you, you didn’t do anything wrong, but if you want a looser consistency maybe consider taking it off the heat around 216-218 instead of waiting for 220.

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